Debt Collection Services

In business it pays to be financially informed and proactive. The strain caused by outstanding payments and misinformed financial decisions can be detrimental to cash flow, impact your ability to pay your own accounts and in some cases ultimately cost you your business.

At National Mercantile we help you avoid the common financial traps experienced by businesses by providing a wide range of services that can be tailored to your needs.

Starting with demand letters, we can help you pursue the debt all the way through to the final stages of legal action should you require it.

Other Services

Company Searches

Need to keep track of a company or do added due diligence before you work or invest with them? Our company searches provide detailed information on companies, directors and shareholders.

Title Searches

Need to find out who owns a piece of land and what mortgages, covenants, caveats and easements are on it? With access to State and Territory Land Registers we can help you discover what assets people own, which can be very useful when considering litigation.

The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) Search

Need to delve deeper into your property search? Our PPSR search helps us find interests in personal property other than land or buildings such as Organisational Grantor, Individual Grantor, Serial Number, Registration or Ordinal searches

Bankruptcy Searches

Need to know if bankruptcy has been filed? With access the Australian Financial Security Authority’s (AFSA) bankruptcy registry we can provide you with detailed information relating to the bankruptcy by simply providing a persons first and last name.

Ledger Review

Not sure what accounts require more action? We can provide you with a detailed analysis of your Accounts Receivable Report and provide recommendations in terms of which accounts require debt collection, legal action, further follow up or write off.

Pre-Debt Collection Action Plans

Want to take a more proactive approach to outstanding debts? Our highly experienced team of debt collectors can help you devise step-by-step Action Plans for your Accounts Receivable team to follow, from friendly reminders right through to Final Demand Letters.

Field Calls, Process Serving and Investigations

Need to take further action to get a debt paid? Through our contacts we have access to every address in every Australian State and Territory.  Our field agents can provide face-to-face interviews, detailed investigation reports and document serving depending on your needs.

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